“To end and prevent human trafficking and exploitation”

27 Million Voices (27MV) was founded in Prince George, British Columbia in 2009.  It was a response to the pressing need for action against human trafficking - one of the most atrocious and fastest growing crimes of our time. 27MV is committed to raising awareness, and enabling others to act locally, in order to stop human trafficking globally. To this end, 27MV works in partnership with established organizations to implement activities that end and prevent human trafficking.


 A future in which communities, families and individuals are living free of human trafficking and exploitation.


To end and prevent human trafficking and exploitation through:

  • Raising public awareness
  • Developing and implementing partnerships with community based organizations
  • Fundraising to support all activities


  • Altruism
  • Advocating for those whose voices can not be heard
  • Fostering leadership in others
  • Promoting equality, sustainability, transparency and inclusivity


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