Assisting Young Domestic Servants in Burkina Faso

Partner: Burkina Faso Red Cross

Annual Budget: $5000 CAD

Number of people reached: 400

Background: Burkina Faso is among the world’s poorest countries. Young girls, some as young as eight, migrate from impoverished villages to urban centres in hopes of finding work or support from extended family. Sadly, many are trafficked and brought to middle class homes where they are employed as domestic servants. Some are paid up to five dollars per month, whereas others receive nothing. Conditions are harsh, and all waking hours are spent working. The girls are subject to mental, physical, and even sexual abuse.

The Burkina Faso Red Cross removes young girls from domestic servitude when possible, and places them in secondary school or a trade school depending on their age and previous education. When employers resist or extenuating circumstances prevent the removal of a young girl from an employer, she has the opportunity to attend night school.

Our Role: Most young women, particularly those who have not left their employers, can only study at night. But the sun sets at 6pm, as Burkina Faso is close to the equator, and they do not have the luxury of electricity. 27MV provides solar powered lights so that young girls can study and achieve success in their studies.






Education for Children Rescued from the Fishing Industry in Ghana

Partner: Challenging Heights

Annual Budget: $7250 CAD

Number of people reached: 75

Background: Lake Volta, created by the construction of the Akosombo dam in the 1960’s, is home to fishermen attempting to provide for themselves and their families. Fish stocks have depleted over the years, and children are enslaved to keep costs low. Their nimble fingers are useful in sewing nets and freeing fish from the small holes in the nets.

Challenging Heights rescues the children, and places them in secondary school or a trade school depending on their age and previous education. 

Our Role: Each year, 27MV supports the education of seventy-five children rescued from the fishing industry by purchasing school supplies, uniforms, and classroom equipment. Receiving an education, combined with psychosocial support provided by Challenging Heights, is the best option for rescued children The re-trafficking of children is avoided, and children have the true opportunity to become independent adults.

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